Yaz on the Black Market

The website, Daily Finance published an article looking at the cost and availability of birth control. In these times of economic recession, when many people have lost their jobs and their health insurance, the black market for birth control is thriving.

“On Craigslist in New York City, a two-month supply of Yaz birth control pills is available for $60. A year’s worth of Ortho-Cyclen can be found for $50 in Los Angeles.”

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists performed a study in 2009 that revealed women’s concerns over economy and birth control. Of the women using hormonal contraception,”13% reported being worried that they might not be able to pay for it.”

Turning to Craigslist for your birth control pills might save you money, but it is dangerous for many reasons. The medication might by expired or even tampered with, and you might not get all the information.

Prescriptions drugs all have side effects. Yaz, for example, is known to increase a woman’s chance of blood clots in both the legs and the lungs. This is the kind of information a doctor would discuss with you before prescribing your birth control. You are not likely to get this serious medical information from Craigslist.

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